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>> oscar pistorius of south africa known as the blade runner arrested after his girlfriend in a shot and killed and his home in pretoria. these are live pictures of the gated community where he lives. more on that in a few moments. this is al jazeera, live from doha. so in the news, the deal of the century. talks on a $12 billion sale of fighter jets. revealing a prisoner x. an israeli-australian man jailed under a false identity died in israeli custody. try to restore consumer confidence following a scandal. dna testing is ordered on food products right across europe. the south african olympic athlete oscar pistorius has been arrested after his girlfriend was found shot dead and his home. it's been reported by south african media, but police would only say they have arrested a 26-year-old man. a policewoman said that he and his 30-year-old girlfriend reeva steenkamp or in the house and there had been previous incident at the house. she was shot several times and confirmed dead at the scene. the suspect is expected to appear in court in the coming hours and is being charged
his reputation and the safety of his fans. >> -- coming up, foster -- oscar pistorius officially charged in the murder of his friend. >> what is next for carnival cruise ship triumph >> talk about a beautiful day for thousands of carnival cruise passengers finally on their way home this afternoon. we are at the terminal in mobile, alabama, with the latest on the situation. >> in new orleans this morning, a small, but significant step. in a -- and on brushes her teeth. >> i cannot get clean enough. i feel disgusting. >> despair turned into jubilation as triumph arrived last night with family and friends reuniting with loved ones. >> i love them so much and i worry the whole time they were gone. >> an engine fire left the ship without power. toilets began overflowing with no air-conditioning and food was tough to get. >> it was like post-natural disaster, but stuck on a boat with 2400 people and the poor workers. >> the passengers had high praise for the staff that kept smiling and working in the the chaos. two passengers emerged newly engaged. >> she said yes, obviously. that was
games in london. oscar pistorius, the blade runner, who inspired so many people, charged with murder tonight after the death of his girlfriend. nbc's rehema ellis is here with us in the studio with the latest on this. rehema, good evening. >> good evening, brian. you cannot overstate how significant oscar pistorius is to people who will face obstacles and struggle to overcome them. he's a national hero in south africa. and that's why today's news is so devastating to so many. >> and there's the start, in a landbreaking moment. >> oscar pistorius marked a stunning achievement at the 2012 london olympics. >> oscar pistorius sets on his way in the first round of the 400 meters. >> today, the world was stunned again when the superstar athlete was arrested and charged with murder after his girlfriend was found shot at his upscale south african home. >> at this stage, we can confirm that a young woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. >> police say there are no other suspects. neighbors in the quiet gated community reported hearing noise coming from the home earlier in the evening. >
." >> this is "bbc world news america." reporting from washington, i am jane o'brien. oscar pistorius, known worldwide as a runner, faces murder charges after his girlfriend is shot dead in his home. and american airlines and united air ways tied the knot this valentine's day, but will travelers love the merger? and a new exhibition looks at how our revere artist -- are revered artist dealt with -- welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. oscar pistorius, south of arco's olympic and paralytic will -- paralympics running start, it is better known as the blade runner. he faces murder charges after his girlfriend was shot dead early this morning. our correspondent andrew harding is in pretoria and starts our coverage from their. >> there has never been anyone quite like him, the blade runner, of global sensation. but police say that's oscar pistorius is a murder suspect, accused of killing his girlfriend. the story begins at pistorius's home, a closely guarded estate. >> a 26-year-old woman did die on the scene of a gunshot wound. heat has been charged with m
passengers. >>> eight minutes past the hour, south african owe limp pan oscar pistorius, one of the heroes of the 2012 games in london in court for a bail hearing after being charged with killing his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp. authorities say the 26-year-old pistorius shot steenkamp four times early thursday morning at his home. pistorius a double amputee make olympic history when he computed in the summer games on his carbon fiber blade legs. what is the very latest on this investigation? >> at this moment, oscar pistorius is making his way to the courthouse. this will be the first moment that he will officially face the charge of murder. it's such a far cry of how he was viewed in this country and around the world a few days ago. his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp this was the hollywood version of a power couple. as the hours move on and as details emerge, the scenario what took place in his home on valentine's day is appearing to be much more disturbing. oscar pistorius covers himself with a coat as he makes his way to the magistrate's court in south africa where he faces a charge
in south africa have opened a murder case against double amputee oscar pistorius, who is accused of killing his girlfriend earlier this morning. we have the latest from south africa. >> the details of precisely what took place in the early hours of this morning is still sketchy, but what is known is horrifying many of south africans. oscar pistorius was arrested earlier this morning. we are told there was a shooting incident area authorities are allowed to say very little. >> we can confirm there was a shooting incident at the home of the well-known paralympic athlete oscar pistorius. we can confirm that a young woman did die on the scene. >> it has been widely reported that a 26-year-old man being referred to is oscar pistorius, that he was arrested, and he will later appear in front of a magistrate. >> the reason it is not today is because the police are still conducting an investigation. >> he is idolized across the country that has no shortage of national icons. his court appearance will be watched closely by people across the country. >> here in baltimore, the police trainee that was s
>> oscar pistorius breaks down in tears after being formally charged in court with the murder of his girlfriend. hello. welcome. live from doha. also on the program -- >> we are all together and in tears. everyone is overwhelmed. thanks and now the nightmare is over. passengers finally get off a cruise ship that was adrift for days. in russia, hundreds have been injured in a meteor shower. and -- >> how many film -- female film directors can you name, aside from kathryn bigelow >> nearly 100 women have been made -- nearly 100 films have been made by women here, and that is what makes this different from the rest. >> olympic sprinter oscar pistorius has formally been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. he entered the court with his head bowed, broke down in tears as the charge was formally conferred. prosecutors said that he will argue -- they will argue it was premeditated murder when he shot dead reeva steenkamp at his home. the hearing has been put off until tuesday. here are live pictures from outside the court. waiting to catch a glimpse of pistorius as he lives --
of the olympic games, the "blade runner," oscar pistorius accused of killing his girl friend. what really happened inside his heavily fortified home. >>> the gift of sight. a big medical breakthrough tonight. the way doctors are restoring vision to the blind. >>> and a big change in the air. two big names announce they're merging to form the world's biggest airline. less competition, fewer choices. will it mean higher ticket prices for everyone who flies? "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >>> good evening. tonight the carnival cruise line vessel "triumph" with 4,200 souls on board is slowly making its way into port in mobile, alabama. and for those poor souls on board, conditions are miserable. they have dealt with sewage, foot shortages and no circulating air. people are hungry and dirty and even when the vessel reaches the dock, it won't be over. it will take hours to disembark. and the process they are hoping passengers take easily. the company will take all it has to keep it orderly. here's what
, of global sensation. but police say that's oscar pistorius is a murder suspect, accused of killing his girlfriend. the story begins at pistorius's home, a closely guarded estate. >> a 26-year-old woman did die on the scene of a gunshot wound. heat has been charged with murder. >> the police said that neighbors heard a loud voices at the house overnight and then gunshots. they said there were previous domestic incidents at the helm. pistorius could have shot his girlfriend by accident after mistaking her as a burglar. >> allegations had been made was as the deceased burglar. we were very surprised and those allegations did not come from us. >> the dead woman has been identified as reeva steenkamp, a well-known south african model. their relationship and their careers rarely out of the headlines here. >> she was a really vibrant personality and other really wicked sense of humor. the fact that she was so beautiful, it was there, but it was not the main thing. she was a really great person. fun to hang out with. >> the murder has stunned south africa. >> it is difficult to take it all in.
. here's abc's bazi kanaany. >> reporter: oscar pistorius and reeva steenkamp were one of the world's hot couples. think david and victoria, or brad and angelina. but now, the paralympic superstar runner is accused of murdering his bombshell covergirl on valentine's day. >> paralympian oscar pistorius has been arrested for allegedly killing his girlfriend. >> reporter: early thursday morning, neighbors in his exclusive gated community heard commotion and gunshots. >> at this stage, we can confirm that a young woman, a 30-year-old woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. a 26-year-old man has been arrested and has been charged with murder. >> reporter: police say steenkamp was shot four times with a nine millimeter pistol. the murder shocked their fans around the world. >> this is almost incomprehensible because oscar pistorius wasn't just someone celebrated for his feats on the track. he is someone who is celebrated as a humanitarian, as a trailblazer, as a champion of the disabled. >> reporter: and reeva's career was just taking off. the perfect combo of beauty and brains, the law g
to gmt on bbc world news. our top stories. a global sporting icon charged with murder. oscar pistorius, the blade runner of south thesobs in court. accused of premeditated killing of his girlfriend in a cage which has horrified as out there for,. incoming fire on planet earth. extraordinary images of the meteor that hit russia and left hundreds injured. an end to the holiday from hell. the crew ships docks and passengers relive the nightmare cruise. >> the worst was the toilet conditions, having to go in the gs. >> and in the ba business news. >> it is meant to be about getting countries to grow again. cutting the value of their currency to make exports cheaper. many say it is cheating. say japan is the worst offender. they will be meeting in moscow this weekend to thrash it out. london, 7:00y in in the morning in washington, 2:00 p.m. in pretoria, south africa. olympic and paralympic at least oscar pistorius, the double amputee, has appeared in court and been charged with murder. he broke down in tears as prosecutors announced they would pursue a charge of premeditated murder. his law
oscar pistorius and his model girlfriend. >>> hiding in plain sight. new details on christopher dorner's last days including one couple's harrowing hostage ordeal. >> and desperation below decks. arguments over food break out as a crippled cruise ship slowly limbs towards shore. >>> taking a dive. look at this. a boxer is in trouble for hitting the mat after the video clearly shows his opponent swung and missed. >> oh. >> you can't do that. >> yikes. >> good morning, welcome to "early start," everyone, i'm john berman. >> nothing like video action to prove what really happened. >> i'm zoraida sambolin, thursday, february 14th. happy valentine's day. >> 5:00 a.m. in the east. i don't want to get people nervous here. >>> this is cnn breaking news. >>> we are starting with breaking news this morning. a sports world shocker. a shooting at the home of the blade runner, olympic and paralympic track superstar oscar pistorius. his girlfriend identified by the south african press agency as former fhm model, reeva steenkamp is dead. robin kurnow is following the story. what do we know right now?
to the latest in the breaking news out of south africa where oscar pistorius is charged with premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend. >> we have the latest on pistorius' tearful court appearance. >> reporter: world famous athlete oscar pistorius hid any signs of emotion on the way to the courthouse but when facing the judge for the first time in a shocking murder case, he broke down, weeping and shaking. not the same image of the south african champion fans cheered for years. >> i work extremely hard to be where i am. >> reporter: as pistorius won his 6th par olympic gold. the 26-year-old known as blade runner is accused of the valentine's day murder of his cover model girlfriend reeva steenkamp. the day before steenkamp tweeted about her excitement for the lover's holiday, instead a dark day. she was shot four times with a nine millimeter pills. police told local media she was shot through a bathroom door. the mystery deepened when prosecutors said they believed it was a premeditated crime and immediately aft hearing, pis -- after the hearing, pistorius' family say the alleged murder
affair characterization oscar pistorius formally charged with murder. prosecutors will prove he planned to kill will his girlfriend. he wrobroke can down in tears i the courtroom today, his agent telling cnn that he rejects the charges in the strongest terms. more details on that. we'll be live from south africa in just a few minutes. >>> and hugh go sigh chew go h to have a tracheotomy and cannot speak now. he also released this picture of president chavez in a hospital bed surroundedhave a tracheotom speak now. he also released this picture of president chavez in a hospital bed surroundeda tracheotomy and now. he also released this picture of president chavez in a hospital bed surrounded by his kids. he has not been seen in public or tv since surgery. and of course kicking off the hour with a story that is unbelievable here. almost seems like science fiction, but it is very real. this is what happened in russia. it was a meteor moving at super sonic speed. streaking through the skies. this is in a mountain region. explosions, a huge flash and big boom all of this happening on the sam
. katie marzullo was live in the newsroom with the latest twist in this stunning story. >> oscar pistorius originally had a court appearance this afternoon, hours after the shooting but it has been poet pointed until tomorrow morning to give forensics more time to gather evidence. the question: was the deadly shooting an accident or not? (inaudible). >> we were the scene home of the well-known athlete. >> last summer, oscar pistorius, or "the plaid runner" was the first double amputee track athlete to compete and now hides his face in a hootedded sweatshirt moving between jail and court charged with the murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, who was shot to death in his home. abc is reporting she was shot four times. >> she was always willing to listen to you, give you advise. >> it doesn't feel real yet. >> some neighbors are reeling, others are interviewed by police as witnesses. there are reports of an argument or shouting the scene home, and the two were the only ones there. there is no sign of forced entry and police have been called to the house before for allegations of domestic
. oscar pistorius faces his first court hearing tomorrow after his girlfriend was found shot to death inside his home this morning. we get the latest now from nbc's rohih catru. >> reporter: the details of precisely what took place in the early hours of this morning are still emerging. but what's known is horrifying and has stunned millions of south africans. oscar pistorius was arrested early this morning here at his luxury home. we're told that there was a shooting incident. by south african law, the authorities are allowed to say very little about what they believe happened. >> we can confirm that there was a shooting incident this morning at the home of the well-known paralympic athlete oscar pistorius. at this stage, we can confirm that a young woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. >> reporter: it's being widely reported that the 26-year-old man being referred to is indeed oscar pistorius, that he was arrested, taken to a police station and questioned and that he will later appear in front of a magistrate in the south african city of pretoria. >> it dhe did not appear tod
. for paralympic superstar oscar pistorius, who denies killing his goal friend. -- this is the "journal." >> call it a cosmic coincidence -- a media blast over the skies had -- just hours after a very close flyby on a much bigger asteroid. >> that asteroid is due to fly past the earth in a matter of minutes. more and that in a moment, but first, to the events of russia. the media or was first spotted at around 9:20 a.m. local time. russia's academy of science said it into the atmosphere at a speed of over 50,000 kilometers per hour and then shattered into pieces. >> the media is thought to have been just about two meters across, but that was enough to cause a massive sonic boom, and it was far from harmless. hundreds of people were injured, most of them by shattering glass. >> a rare moment caught on camera -- don turned to daylight as the media or into the earth's atmosphere with a bang -- dawn turned to daylight. it streaked above the sky leaving a white trail. mobile phones stopped working. the shock wave set off car alarms, and local residents were left wondering what was happening. >> i saw
took a dark turn today. south african oscar pistorius who ran with carbon fiber blades in place of the legs that he lost as a child, was arrested today in the murder of his girlfriend. we have more from mark phillips. >> reporter: he was the blade runner, the poster boy for disabled athletes. she was the glamorous cover girl, super model and reality tv star. together, reeva steenkamp and oscar pistorius were the glamour couple on the south african social circuit. now, she is dead multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body. and he's hiding his face in police custody. pistorius had spoken of his high hopes for his then-new girlfriend late last year. >> are you dating anyone special? >> i am seeing someone. she's a wonderful girl. >> reporter: south africa is a violent place. guns are everywhere, including in oscar pistorius' house. the blade runner's success, both on the paralimpic circuit and racing for the first time in the london olympics against able-bodied athletes has earned him a lot of money. he's a prime burglary target and in this square gated community is said to keep
in his home. south africa media reports that oscar pistorius mistook his girlfriend for an intruder. sky news in south africa reports she was waking him up to surprise him. oscar pistorius is the double amputee known as "blade runner" competing in olympics running on blade legs. katie marzullo will have a live report and update in 30 minutes. >> developing news in san bernardino county this morning a moment continues to grow for the deputy who was killed in tuesday's shoot out with fugitive ex-police officer dorner. he was identified at 35-year-old mckay who is survived by his wife, a seven-year-old daughter and four-month-old son. the sheriff says the manhunt for dorner is officially over although they waiting for positive i.d. on charred remains on a body believed that of dorner. officials removed the remains yesterday from the cabin near big bear with a stand off and the man carjacked by dorner before the shoot out is talk about the encounter. >> he jumped out of the snow at me. gun drawn. big long rifle. he said "i don't want to hurt you." >> the sheriff says the cabin was not intent
in the case against oscar pistorius. >> on this vote, the yeas are 58, nays are 40. the motion is not agreed to. >>> the >> and a republican block in the senate. will the senate see eye to eye on chuck hagel? good morning. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm christine romans. 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's get started. >>> first, the not so triumphant turn of the carnival "triumph." thousands of passengers who spent five days stranded at sea and slogging through sewage are sleeping on warm beds or on buses or trains, finally headed home it blocked in mobile, alabama. listen to the cheering bounds on board. but also family members waiting for them. passengers began streaming off about an hour later. some were angry and others were stateding it all in stride. all of them relieved to be back on shore. >> we are happy to be on dry land. it's been a horrible experience for us. it was a great cruise to start off with, but it just -- you know, the morning of the fire. >> there was a fire alarm. >> and we've been kept in the dark a lot. we haven't been told everything that we probably should have known. and
that. >>> a hero of 2012 london olympics, but today, blade runner oscar pistorius broke down in court when murder charges were read against him. he is accused of shooting this woman and killing her, model girlfriend reeva steenkamp at his home inpetoria. he has been in court today for a bail hearing. we have more. >> reporter: oscar pistorius makes his way to the court as he is charged with murder. he spent the day questioned by police, subjected to standard blood tests after a night spent in jail. it's an incredible fall from grace for a man dubbed the blade runner. born with a disability that left wimp without legs below the knees, oscar pistorius would overcome incredible odds to become the first double leg amputee to complete in the olympics. a stabbedout star of the london games last year. nike signed him, as did oakly and a british telecom, seen as a stellar example of perseverance. now all of that is in question. in the early morning hours, police responded to calls from pistorius' neighbors that mult he pelt shots were shot in his mansion. his new girlfriend, reeva steenkamp,
on tuesday. >>> thank you, steve. >>> oscar pistorius, in court today. the olympian hero's emotional reaction when the judge announced he faces murder charges. >>> and hundreds of culinary graduates but the reason why san francisco restaurants are having a hard time finding people to work in the kitchen. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> stockings inching higher today. with auto sales rising analysts say the drop is likely to prove temporary. the dow is up 10. the nasdaq is up 2. s&p is flat. >>> hundreds of students are graduating from local culinary schools every semester but the san francisco business times reports that san francisco restaurants are still having a hard time finding cooks. restaurant owners say that's because there are so many restaurants competing for kitchen workers. they say new graduates don't want to start as line cooks or only want to work in restaurants with michelin stars. >>> 7:44. new this morning, olympic track star, o
" in pretoria. >> the home of oscar pistorius, where he's accused of murdering his girlfriend this morning. high walls, electric fences and police cars. his luxury villa now a murder scene. in a country with countless national icons,s bytorus earned a place amongst them and with his new girlfriend, a model and law graduate, his image became even more marketable. their relationship captured by glossy magazines. but at sunrise today he was pictured once again, this time wearing a hoodie as he was led from his home under arrest. then glimpsed again briefly as he was taken to a police station to spend the night inside a cell a man who spent months promoting his image was concealing it tonight. police were not obliged to reveal any details but chose to reveal past allegations of domestic violence. >> i can confirm there have previously been previous incidents at the home of oscar pistorius. i won't elaborate on that, there have previously been incidents. >> of violence? >> of allegations of domestic nature. >> reporter: his lawyers rushed to his side and were asked about his state of mind. >> he's ve
that disgusting cruise ship, what happens to the ship now. >>> and that olympic athlete, oscar pistorius, accused of murdering his girlfriend in his own home, collapses and sobs in court. we have a lot of news happening on the ground. but the big shock and awe, falling from the sky is leading it all. i'm talking quite literally here. while you were sleeping this unbelievable scene was unfolding in southern russia. close encounters of the third kind. wow. raining down near the euro mountains, that is a meteor breaking up over the earth's atmosphere. it's like a crazy scene from a movie but it's real. make no mistake, the scenes and the light coming from a meteor as it streaks across the side. the blinding flash. the deafening explosion. caught on tape. up 1,000 people were hurt because of this meteor. nearly 300 buildings were reported damaged including this factory that you're seeing. glass windows were shattered and blown out. entire walls collapsed and roofs caved in. throughout this region, all of it from a meteor the size of a big kitchen table. but weighing in at about ten tons but it tore t
in 2009. >> 32 degrees in the airport -- at the airport. police in south africa say oscar pistorius is in custody following a shooting at his house. >> this is traffic at liberty road. temperature around 32 degrees and the roads are wet. >> police in south africa say olympian oscar pistorius was involved in a deadly shooting at his home. police say a woman died inside the home from several gunshot wounds. police arrested oscar pistorius, who is expected in court later today. there are reports that his girlfriend was killed in the instance. california officials announced their search for christopher dorner is now officially over. they believed the body found in a burned out cabin police to dorner but police are waiting for positive identification. >> a disabled cruise ship is on his way back to port today. the ship was left powerless on sunday after an engine room fire. that damage the water and plumbing system. more than 4000 people are on board the boat. american airlines and u.s. airlines make their merger official. it will be announced they will keep the american airlines named b
a 9 millimeter pistol at the scene and took oscar pistorius in custody. several media outlets in south africa are reporting that she was his girlfriend and that he may have mistakenly shot her because he thought he was a burglar. police will not clarify the victim's relationship. he was named to the blade runner. he made history at the london olympics last year when he became the first double amputee runner to compete on a track. and it's another story we are following is the murder of american airlines and u.s. airways. -- the merger. that would make them the biggest airline in the world. brianne carter has what this would mean for all of us. >> this would be cold american airlines. travelers in the washington area, it could mean good news. potentially more flights here for passengers. the merger is expected to mean even more flights here at reagan national and in new york. formal announcement is expected today after a brookside approved a deal late yesterday. passengers will have to wait to enjoy the benefits. it will likely be months or even years until all this is complete
was in court. >> reporter: oscar pistorius broke down in tears, his father trying to comfort him. they've brought in their top prosecutors to handle this case. it's setting the stage for real courtroom drama here. it was a return to the global stage for all the wrong reasons. the world famous athlete before a south african court charged with murdering his supermodel girlfriend. reeva steenkamp was shot allegedly by oscar pistorius. it looked like a valentine's day gone wrong but something more sinister. they're now obsessed with the south africa golden boy. the secure gated compound in pretoria where pistorius lives is protected. michael sokolove, a writer for "the new york times" received a surprising invite during his time,er er. ing a story in 2012. >> he said, hey do, you want go to the firing rank and shoot guns. i'm a writer, i followed him, and we went to the firing range and we shot his 9 millimeter semiautomatic pistol. >> reporter: with oscar pistorius as with so many others before him, guns may have proved to be a deadly hobby. emma hurd, cbs news, south africa. >>> in u.s.
out in case anything happened to her. she was not mentioned in his manifesto. >> oscar pistorius was a symbol of hope for many in the london olympic games. he was the first double amputee to compete. that admiration turned into shock as he is charged in last night shooting death of his girlfriend. >> at this hour, police in south africa remained tightlipped about the details surrounding the murder investigation involving olympic star oscar pistorius. it is identified as 29-year-old reeva steenkamp, pistorius's girlfriend. >> a 26 euros man has been arrested and charged with murder. >> the home did not appear to show signs of forced entry. the couple was the only two people home. there have been previous incidents at the home but would not give -- but police would not give details. witnesses told them they had heard a couple arguing earlier. pistorius rose to fame during the london olympics last year when he became the first double amputee to run in the olympic games. he was in internet -- his girlfriend was described as lovely and ambitious. >> i work with her to shoot magazine
>>> good morning. breaking news. olympian hero oscar pistorius charged with murdering his girlfriend in his home overnight. the first double amputee to run in the olympics in a south africa courtroom right now. we're there live and we will have an exclusive interview with the woman who knew the couple. >>> coming ashore, the crippled triumph, hours from docking in alabama, this morning, a passenger who was on that ship talks about the deplorable conditions they faced for the last five days. >>> face to face with a killer. the couple who was tied up and held captive with christopher dorner as his reign of terror came to an end, thursday february 14, 2013. >>> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer. this news coming out of south africa is hard to believe. we've been shaking our heads the last hour or so. oscar pistorius, one of the bright e brightest from the london games and inspiration to all. he was bee
store oscar pistorius, the double amputee who ran on blades was formally charged with murdering his girlfriend in south africa. oscar pistorius sobbed as the judge read the murder charge. cameras everyone not allowed inside. yesterday morning, his girlfriend, 30-year-old model, reeva steenkamp, was shot and killed inside his home. early reports were oscar pistorius mistook her for a burglar but police say neighbors her noises before gunshots were fired and they say there were previous domestic incidents at house. >> the agony is over for 4,000 people on a crippled cruise ship or finally back on land and headed home. the shipped docked in mobile, alabama, and people excitedly disembarked kissing the ground glad to be back on land. it too some passengers several hours to get off the ship after a fire disabled the ship leading to overflowing toilets and food rationing. more from the passengers live from alabama in the next half hour. >> in antioch a 14-year-old died after being hit by a car trying to cross the street. it happened the scene intersection of hillcrest avenue and hidden gl
on the stunning fall from grace from superstar oscar pistorius and his stern response to accusations he killed his girlfriend. >> the not so triumphant return home, what stranded passengers had to stay about their ordeal. >> a nation-wide honor for some of the victims of the sandy hook elementary school school shooting and how the president is recognizing some of the heroes who >> a stranded cruise ship finally docked in mobile, alabama, following a miserable voyage at sea, exhausted passengers kissing the ground after citizenning off the ship. the nightmare began on sunday when a fire knocked out the four engines leaving them stranded in the gulf of mexico. >> there was sewage everywhere. we use the restaurant where we brushed our teeth. >> images shows tent villages set up to keep them away from the leaking sewage and smells below deck. some passengers cannot cash a break, a chartered bus take them to new orleans broke down this morning. the c.e.o. of carnival is offering reimbursement, a free cruise, and $500 and an apology. >> tonight on "20/20" a look at what went on during the eight day trip
africa. in one fatal night olympian oscar pistorius went from local superstar and international hero to standing trial for premeditated murder. during his very first hearing while these charges are being read he breaks down in tears. michelle kosinski witnessed it all in the courtroom. >> reporter: olympian oscar pistorius, accustomed to the cheer of victory, keeps his head down, now shielding his face from cameras to and from court. today the world press gathered him around while he's charged with the murder of his girlfriend shot three times in the head and body in pistorius's upscale well-secured home around 4:00 a.m. thursday. at 30, a cover girl, law school grad, soon to be reality show contestant was about to give a valentine's day talk about empowering women. instead her heartbroken family talked about her. >> she's with the angels. >> reporter: the world knowns oscar pistorius in all his athletic glory with the nickname blade runner, the fastest man on no legs. now accused and staying in jail. he'll have to stay in jail at least until his pond hearing next week. early on ther
, oscar pistorius, the blade runner, all the details coming up. >> the planned merger of american airlines and u.s. airways would create the world's largest airline. we'll break down what it means for you, the traveler, trying to book your flights. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." we begin with a a fox urgent setback for thousands of passengers stranded on the broken down crowds cruise ship. the ship is at a standstill because of a broken towline. this after delay after delay, carnival originally said the ship would arrive this afternoon, then they pushed back the estimated ail arrival to tonight, close to midnight. now this. of course you know the 900-foot long vessel has been without power since sunday when a fire in the engine room knocked out most of the electricity. since then it's been, according to passengers, grim onboard. raw sewage reportedly flooding the hallways, no air conditioning. barely any working toilets. we're told passengers had to wait for hours for anything to eat or drink. folks have reportedly had to sleep on the deck. now it's about
to seeing it. >> new this morning, blade runner goes to court the emotional. outburst from oscar pistorius facing murder charges. >> the scene possibly of a hollywood movie with meteorites falling from the sky overnight creating panic. >> san francisco police fire shots at a stolen car suspect during a dramatic chase. coming up, we will show you what happened next. >> good morning, the abc7 traffic center, look at this, the bay bridge friday "lite" with more traffic proposal getting out of town than coming in. we will look at the rest of the commute after the ♪ yeeeowwww! ♪ hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪ ♪ you're a hot kind of love you set me on fire ♪ ♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapeños, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ you're a - a hot mess and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, february 15, a day after valentine's day at 6:29. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. holiday weekend ahead.
charged with murder. this news is shaking south africa to the core. oscar pistorius accused of killing his girlfriend. has cute tors will argue he planned to soot her on valentine's day. his agent rejects the allegation in the strongest terms. so he appeared in court today and he for the rather emotional. what was his plea? >> reporter: i think this was the first time this the enormity and seriousness of what's happening to oscar pistorius really sunk in. he was visibly disturbed, shaking uncontrollably when the judge named him the accused and he was also shocked to hear the prosecute the tors weren't just charge him with murder, but saying that they think they can get a conviction with a premeditated murder charge. that raises a lot of additional questions. remember, when this story first broke, there was the suspicion that perhaps this was a valentine's day surprise gone wrong. but as each hour has moved forward, it's become apparent that the police anyway feel like this was a violent crime in which his girlfriend, oscar pistorius's girlfriend was shot dead, with four gunshot wounds. so
encounter. the chose crest astroid we've e se seen. >>> day in court. oscar pistorius breaks down as he hears the murder charge against him. we're there tonight. >>> outrage for thousands of women who say they were raped. yet the evidence sat on a shelf for years. tonight, prosecutors fight to bring them justice. >>> and cruise control. one final nightmare for some of those passengers even after they got off the ship. and a warning tonight about the rights you give up when you get on board. >>> "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening. i'm lester holt in tonight for brian. the sky is not falling, but you would be forgiven if the thought crossed your mind after kpro spectacular but apparently unrelated cosmic close encounters today within just hours of each other. this morning in a remote part of russia, some thought the world was ending when a ten-ton meteor, five stories tall, hurtled to earth and exploded, causing a lot of injuries and doing a lot of damage without actually hitting anythin
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